Sometimes it’s the little things

People often wonder about our sleeping situation because the back of our bus is one of the least photographed areas for the sole reason that it is just difficult to get a full picture of it. When we designed the layout for our bus we decided that since we raised the roof 20” it would […]

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The Inner Workings

We recently did our fifth tiny house festival where we spent three days letting thousands (literally) of people walk through our home all weekend. To the average person that sounds like a nightmare: Letting that many people into your home?! Are you crazy?! Meh… a little. But to be honest, we love it. We love […]

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Turning Point

Sometimes I’m not even sure if blogging is worth it, I mean does anyone even read this? I’m sure there are a few. Anyways, its been a long while since my last update, without checking, I believe we were in Georgia last I had written. Since then we have worked our way through most of […]

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Gem of the low country

If you know the region of the country referred to as the low country then you probably know that Charleston, SC is one of its shining gems. After our long weekend at the Tiny House North Carolina street festival in Pink Hill, we started back south. We briefly stopped in Myrtle Beach but ultimately Charleston […]

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Tiny House NC Street Festival

This past weekend, April 21-23, one quiet street of Pink Hill NC was transformed into a bustling tiny house neighborhood. For once, our bus actually felt at home in its surroundings! The street was lined with exceptionally crafted tiny houses, food trucks, solar panels, and crowds of likeminded folk eager to hear our testimonies of […]

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Well we’re still in Greenville SC. But let me tell you about Atlanta! So I put in two full weeks of work (I know, poor me!) with our new friend in Greenville that we had bartered with. Actually made some cash too! Anyways, the girls had plans to fly back to Illinois for our niece’s […]

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Bartering in Greenville

A few months back we were still trying to get the house sold and hit the road for good. Now that landmark is two weeks behind us! While talking about cities worth visiting, Greenville SC seemed to hold high rank on the list at least for region of the country we were considering. So long […]

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Georgia Tinyhouse festival

The Georgia Tinyhouse Festival was a weekend well spent and to think it wasn’t even on our radar. Thanks to a last minute invite we were able to scurry down there from Nashville and stay Friday through Monday. We showed the bus all weekend which proved to be more exhausting than expected. Certainly worth it […]

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Nashville this time

So the last few days have been great, like more than usual. After we left Indianapolis in route to Nashville we landed at the perfect spot for an overnight between the two cities. Thanks to Harvest Host, it was a nice quiet vineyard in the middle of nowhere. After sleeping through any and every alarm […]

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