I swear we’re not crazy!

Disclaimer: Neither of us are tech savvy and we have never written a blog.

Ok, here we go!

Life was clipping along at its normal pace and there was nothing stirring any extreme change in our lives until one day someone introduced us to the idea of a skoolie. At first it seemed like such a crazy, far out idea, the kind you only dream of doing but “could never really happen”. The more we talked about it the more we realized we couldn’t shake the desire for this lifestyle of freedom. We loved it and wanted to make it a reality. We began to talk about it more seriously and started to pray about it and realized that even with serious, down to earth thinking we could totally do it! we realized there was no better time than now, we are young, mobile, have been wanting to travel anyways. If we don’t do it now we may never have the chance.  So why not?! What do we really have to lose? Our big tv? Our comfy couches? Our yard? Our nice big kitchen? (All these things are material possessions that can easily be replaced or lived without) This brought on an epiphany. We realized how much time and money we spend on our possessions and how much THEY own US! How does it make any sense that the things that are supposed to make us “happy” are really the things that take what is most important to us, time. If you had all the time in the world would you rather spend it cutting your lawn, cleaning out the crawl space, painting the shed? Or would you rather spend it seeing new places, meeting interesting people, and exploring the world that God created for us, all while spending every second of it with the ones you love?! We chose the latter. We want to be free from our belongings. We realized by purging ourselves of all these unnecessary possessions and habits we will have more time for the things we truly value: God, family, our marriage, freedom, and adventure.

We are super excited to live in the bus and have a more simplified life! It occupies our thoughts regularly. Even now, we are trying to apply some of this new found simplicity to our daily grind.

Well I think that’s enough for our first post. Keep in mind this is our first time writing a blog post… ever! We are learning as we go 😉

Looking ahead: Our bus conversion is already underway and we will have lots of pictures and details on the process. One of us or the other will probably write future posts but we did this one together! Can’t wait to share our progress with you, and we would love to hear advice and input from anyone willing to share. Hope you will follow and learn with us!


16 thoughts on “I swear we’re not crazy!

  1. HandyBob here. Read my FAQ’s. It is raining here so I have some time. I expect we will be talking after you find the email address on my blog. Please send a message and I will respond with a couple of more current pics of our place.

    So why are you driving a prison bus? Hee hee. There is a huge sub culture of bus nuts out there for you to lean on. Finding them may be a challenge. I can help with some things, but have to limit my efforts. Your decision to go to AZ for a bus was very smart. However, going there during winter and looking at already built things that are nearly being given away might have been even more smart.


    1. Handy Bob! So funny that you should comment on our page as I am sitting here taking lots of notes from your pages. Trying to follow all of your tried and true advice for designing our solar system! I’ll keep in touch once I’ve finished my research.


    2. Go for it! I will live vicariously through all your adventures! Cannot wait for more experiences.
      Best to all. Lyn Andrews


  2. I’ll admit I thought you guys might be “hippies” (the 21st century kind!) but after reading your reasons I now admit I’m a bit jealous! Go for it! I’ll be looking forward to reading about your adventures


  3. O mg thats so cool i am trying to work on a bus know i love the i deal is there any tips that would up like the electric i am getting ready to work on this but i trying to make sense of it anying points


  4. Hey! I am a new blogger and I know this post is fairly old but I am thankful for the documentation of your journey because I am beginning one similar and so excited to start my converted skoolie!


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