Lets catch up

Last we had posted, we were leaving Colorado after nearly five months of full time bus life there. I had just quit my job!!! Let me say that again I quit my job!!! img_2823Sorry couldn’t help myself.   After leaving Colorado we headed home to Oswego, Illinois, where we continued to live in the bus after nestling it in next to our garage.image We had no desire to spoil ourselves with an entire house, not to mention that might be confusing to our two year old daughter who now knows the bus as home. Even though we aren’t always fond of Oswego, it felt so great to spend time with family and friends after such a long stretch away. Oh and we were home for Charlotte’s second birthday! imageIt was definitely the breather we needed. So for those next 2 months we pecked away at unfinished bus projects and finished emptying our house of all the now unnecessary items that remained. Our goal was to have it rented out while we were home so we touched up the paint, cleaned it thoroughly and did our best to get it ready for rental property status. This had been our planned source of income while on the road. Despite our efforts, our predetermined departure date for our trip through New England had arrived and we hadn’t locked down any renters. Thankfully not for lack of interest in the house. Regardless it just wasn’t in the cards, not in the amount of time we gave ourselve. After tasting life on the road there was truly nothing that could hold us back at this point, so we left anyways… For now we will make the darn mortgage payment and pick up where we left off when we get back in two months. Don’t forget about the positive side, we left anyways! Although we may suffer a dent in our bank account, we don’t regret it. We know we can make it work. We’re all in for this new lifestyle we’ve worked hard to create for ourselves and will continue to pursue it whole-heartedly even if that means living with a lot less. The beauty of our country, unlimited time with my girls, meeting new people, and seemingly never ending adventure is worth what we’re giving up. The Davis’ have crossed the threshold and can’t turn back, not yet! Wow can you tell I’m pumped? I did just consume 3 shot of espresso. Nevertheless! Try to get some of this for yourself (coffee or adventure, either way)!


p.s. We are already a few weeks into our New England trip so there is lots of content we are excited to share for our next post. Hopefully soon.


2 thoughts on “Lets catch up

  1. Seems like only yesterday we were on a bike tour of Chicago with you guys. Cannot believe your daughter is now 2! We continue to live vicariously through your travels. Sounds fabulous! Love your spirit. Lyn Andrews


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