Nashville this time

So the last few days have been great, like more than usual. After we left Indianapolis in route to Nashville we landed at the perfect spot for an overnight between the two cities. Thanks to Harvest Host, it was a nice quiet vineyard in the middle of nowhere. After sleeping through any and every alarm we eventually made it the rest of the way to Nashville and straight into the driveway of our friends Jake and Abbey (thanks guys!).img_6875 We planned on staying for more than a few days to really indulge the area but on the way into Nashville Christian and Alexis from Tinyhouse Expedition tipped us off to the Georgia Tinyhouse Festival. So needless to say we cut our time short to head to the festival and they are actually putting us in the show! We started making our way to the fest but not without another quick detour. Our friend connected us with an awesome local organic farm, Bloomsbury Farms. After exchanging a farm tour for a bus tour, this lovely family sent us packing with some fresh sprouts from the farm! Sometimes people are great.

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