Georgia Tinyhouse festival

The Georgia Tinyhouse Festival was a weekend well spent and to think it wasn’t even on our radar. Thanks to a last minute invite we were able to scurry down there from Nashville and stay Friday through Monday. We showed the bus all weekend which proved to be more exhausting than expected. Certainly worth it to be able to show off all of our hard work to fellow tiny living and DIY enthusiasts that seem to truly appreciate the details. That was the best part, connecting with people that are interested in and aspiring to live in some form of a tinyhouse. We were very surprised by the number of conversations had with folks actually planning to go the Skoolie route! Not to mention the unexpected amount of buses that were at the tiny fest. Maybe Skoolies are working their way up in the world… a little. Really the weekend wasn’t about tiny houses as much as it was about the people living in them and inspired by them. We have never felt super connected to the tinyhouse movement, but now I see draw. It’s not about a different house, it’s a different lifestyle. A rewarding, simple and responsible lifestyle.

We didn’t realize that people would be so surprised (and slightly impressed) that we actually live in our tiny house. That was definitely the #1 question from this past weekend: “so y’all live in here?!” Which was then followed up with “how long y’all been living in here?” And that answer is 10 months now! I guess it’s something we never really thought about before… lots of people own/build tiny houses but they don’t actually live in them full time. Because of our social media community we don’t feel like it’s THAT rare because we know of so many who ARE doing it! But to the average festival attendee, we are kind of the needle in the hay stack. So to that point, we answered a lot of questions about what we do for work (another top question), the logistics of tiny living, the conversion process, if we did the conversion ourselves (yes), if we like it (yes we do), where we stay (it all depends), what our families think (they’re supportive-to our faces 😉), etc etc. As exhausting as it was to answer the same dozen questions probably 1,000 times, no exaggeration, over the course of three days, it was also extremely rewarding to be able to encourage, guide, and help people to see that they can in fact do it! That they can make it their reality too. It’s not just something you see on HGTV. It IS possible. It’s just a matter of taking that leap, there’s no special skills or background requirements, just the courage and desire to live simplistically, intentionally and boldly.

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