Bartering in Greenville

A few months back we were still trying to get the house sold and hit the road for good. Now that landmark is two weeks behind us! While talking about cities worth visiting, Greenville SC seemed to hold high rank on the list at least for region of the country we were considering. So long story short we’re in Greenville as of Friday! We spent our first two nights at Paris Mountain State Park which by the way is a top notch park. Unfortunately since it’s only a couple miles from downtown Greenville its pretty much always booked up. Although we rarely stay at campgrounds, we were hoping to utilize this one since we plan to stay in Greenville for a month or two. Plan B was to find some folks that might be willing to rent some land/parking close to town so that we could actually get to know the area a bit and possibly pick up some short term work. To get us through the weekend we checked for a driveway to crash on Boondockers Welcome ( a membership we are a part of) lucky for us we found one! Very close to the down town area. So we rolled in after dark and met our host who seemed more excited than we’d expected. Well seconds after stepping out of the bus the conversation went technical. He wanted to know all about the rig. Turns out he builds and restores vintage travel trailers. We had to suspend our like minded conversation. When we picked back up the next day we got to talking about what we were trying to accomplish (place to park for a while) and the kind of work I was looking for. He said he was in need of someone with my skills and experience so we struck a barter that I would exchange x amount of hours a week for parking on his property. Literally exactly what we had been praying for! So today I went to work with him and put in a full day of work, haven’t done that in a while. It felt good, he was happy, I was happy, a perfect barter. Something about making your way in the world without the exchange of money is oddly satisfying.

5 thoughts on “Bartering in Greenville

  1. Once again, you are amazing! You picked a great place to visit, Greenville is so much fun.
    Welcome to the South!!
    Lyn & Chip Andrews


  2. Great story, love hearing of your adventures. Sounds like a great barter exchange. All the best to you guys.
    Michael & Roxene


  3. Very nice! It’s amazing sometimes when you step back and look at the situation, that you happened to be there at that exact time, and he was looking for the assistance that you can offer, at that exact time. I am jealous because that looks like a fun part time job! I would love to tinker with that stuff. Have fun!!


  4. Isn’t life amazing? People are always willing to help if they know what you need. How very cool!! I hope he enjoys having a little one’s laughter and a dog bark in his yard for awhile. How fun is that to hear! Enjoy Greenville 🙂


  5. I really would like to talk to you guys that did this bus that I’m seeing on here I could really use some help! My name is Darren Rivers and I converted a flat nosed Thomas rear engine bus into a motorhome and I could really use some advice from you if you’re willing to help thanks my phone number is 615 429 0934 could really use the help thanks!


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