Well we’re still in Greenville SC. But let me tell you about Atlanta! So I put in two full weeks of work (I know, poor me!) with our new friend in Greenville that we had bartered with. Actually made some cash too! Anyways, the girls had plans to fly back to Illinois for our niece’s first birthday party. It actually ended up being a lot cheaper to drive down to Atlanta and  fly from there rather than Greenville so I drove the bus to the airport, that’s right!IMG_0281 It was a pretty easy drop off actually so now I had an entire week before I’d see Rachel and Charlotte again ☹️. Lucky for me we had made some great friends, James and Jen, at the Georgia tiny house festival, who just so happen to live in Atlanta and have a gorgeous bus conversion Eldon The Bus. It actually won best bus conversion at the festival. Oh and they are both film makers and the Atlanta film fest just so happened to be that week! So I GUESS I can stay back and watch our bus…  But it only gets better, they talked to some local business owners they know and have worked with and were able to find me a nice secluded lot to park in all week in their neighborhood. IMG_0293Most days I drove to Home Depot and worked on bus projects all day until my stomach demanded I eat something, then James,  Jen and I would grab a bite at one of their favorite spots in the neighborhood for dinner. A few nights they actually let me tag along to some pretty rad Film Fest parties with VIP film makers access!!! IMG_0306As I’ve said before, meeting new people and making new friends has to be one of the coolest parts of traveling full time. I actually met up with another traveling couple for coffee one day as well. Exploring Atlanta was a blast but I really only explored one area so I guess I’ll just have to go back with whole family and give it a fair shake. Once the girls got back I picked them up from the airport and we headed right back to South Carolina. We will probably spend a couple more weeks in Greenville then check out Charleston and Savannah. After that Florida, we’re trying to get residency there (that’s a whole other topic) and maybe Texas, then the west!!

P.S. let’s caravan 🚌🚙🚗🚛🚐

8 thoughts on “Lately

  1. But don’t forget arkansas on your way to texas. Elijah and Breanna chey quinn and I need to see you guys too!! Lots of cool things here!!
    Love ypu
    Aunt fawn


  2. We are so happy the South has been good to you. You and your adventures are always welcome. Carry on and keep the tales coming. Best to you all.
    Lyn & Chip Andrews


  3. Your bus blows my mind!!!! If you ever decide to sell your bus, let me know! It is the way I want to live when I retire! 707-8619233…I can wait for years… whenever you are ready. Also, when you hit Sonoma County, give me a ring and I’ll point you to cool things to see here. Robin


  4. I’m actually looking at doing a very similar Schooley bus conversion with elevated ceiling. Bus currently is completely stripped out with ceiling raised. I’m looking to convert into mobile office. Do you know anyone who would be interested in working on project for me? Love your conversion you guys did an amazing job.


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