Tiny House NC Street Festival

This past weekend, April 21-23, one quiet street of Pink Hill NC was transformed into a bustling tiny house neighborhood. IMG_0793For once, our bus actually felt at home in its surroundings! The street was lined with exceptionally crafted tiny houses, food trucks, solar panels, and crowds of likeminded folk eager to hear our testimonies of tiny living and life on the road. IMG_0965Of course we were glad to share. Swarms of people passed through our bus and each excited face rattled off the same few questions we’ve been answering for a year now. Nevertheless we are thrilled to answer them, after all it’s practically a rehearsed conversation on our end, at least until a more unusual question is asked, like ‘where does your poop go?’ IMG_0814Don’t get me wrong I knew what I was getting us into! It was fun to watch people’s reactions as they entered the bus. We have unintentionally created a fairly serious contrast between our homes exterior and interior. This is where that surprised and almost confused look on people’s faces stems from. The crude, unfinished exterior sets the bar very low for attendees waiting in line to enter the bus, and then of course that is all shattered when they step inside. The love and hard work we’ve put into our little home is now visible! Being that we built it ourselves, it feels good to be reaffirmed in our efforts. Seriously who doesn’t appreciate an honest “good job!”. However great the southern manor paired with ample compliments, I’d have to say the best part of the fest was the chance to actually connect with people.


I know I always say that’s the best part about traveling and attending these events but it’s true! There were a small number of people that came into the bus, sat down at the table across from me or on the couch and we just talked. Even some familiar faces from, of course, Instagram.

Not saying this to toot my own horn, but it honestly felt good to be able to encourage others, especially families, that tiny, mobile, and minimalist lifestyles are within the grasp of anyone willing to give it an honest effort. Rachel and I talked to numerous people who have a bus conversion of their own already underway. Even more surprising were the people that had been planning on building a tiny house, had never considered a skoolie/bus conversion, and walked away convinced that a skoolie was the right choice for their tiny build. How cool right!? Overall, a truly memorable weekend, with new friends to remember it with. Thanks for having us at the Tiny house NC Street Festival Drew!


2 thoughts on “Tiny House NC Street Festival

    1. I love that you get to live your dream and share with all of us! It is so cool to see the places you go and hear about the people you are meeting! I love the blog! Keep them coming!


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