Turning Point

Sometimes I’m not even sure if blogging is worth it, I mean does anyone even read this? I’m sure there are a few. Anyways, its been a long while since my last update, without checking, I believe we were in Georgia last I had written. Since then we have worked our way through most of the southern states. Visiting friends in Alabama, family in ArkansasIMG_2663 and our most memorable stop in the south was probably Austin Texas. While there, we stayed at Austin Live Work (tiny house community) for over a week.IMG_2827 We also got to meet up with our new friends The Roamans which was long over due.Processed with VSCO with a8 preset As I always say, making friends on the road is one of the best parts of traveling!

Texas was kind of our turning point from city exploring, back to nature. Up to that point we had been spending a lot of time in urban settings which can get exhausting in a full size bus. Since leaving Austin we have checked out: Carlsbad Caverns NP, White Sands NM, had a skoolie hang out in Albuquerque (with: The Millers, The Trebs, and the Gonzales’), Petrified Forest NP, Bryce NP, Zion NP, and finally for the 4th of July, met up with our best friends (who traveled from Illinois) at the Grand Canyon!

We have been utilizing lots of BLM and National Forest land which has been beautiful, and of course free. The return to nature has been refreshing to say the least. There is something relaxing about mountains, rivers, and forests being a part of your daily routine. I think this will be a major factor in deciding our eventual ‘home location’.

19 thoughts on “Turning Point

    1. Very cool what you’ve done. I think your vlog is inspiring; you come off as genuine and that’s kind of rare.


  1. YES we read your blog! And enjoy every word. As we have said before, we live vicariously through your adventures. You are definitely seeing the best our country has to offer.

    Stay safe and ride on and on . . .
    Lyn and Chip Andrews


  2. You have designed such a beautiful home! So happy you can live your dream 💞It’s my dream, too. Please keep blogging 🙏🏻


  3. Speaking personally I don’t suggest writing a blog for other people to read. That can get very discouraging.

    Write instead for your own benefit. You are seeing some great places. Blogging is a great way to keep the memory alive, particularly for your daughter as she grows up. Human memory is frail.

    It’s also a great way to teach you daughter writing skills.

    If other people read your blog that’s a bonus.

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  4. Love your blog, please don’t stop. We met in Pink HIll N.C. Love the adventures you and your family hare having.


  5. Read your blog.Makes want to get a schoolie and hit the road.But first I have to convince my wife that it is the way to live.Now that I am retired I’m ready to go!! Looking forward to your next blog.


  6. I’ve been trying for months to figure out how I can talk to some of these people on here I’m trying to find out who you have ensure the bus!? I really wish I could find some information out on this or how to come about getting it done please help my name is Darren Rivers thank you!


  7. Yesss! Try Wyoming!! We sojourn with our Lord daily in the trees of Casper! Lived in Colo. but we ended up with more nature in Wyo! Come visit us! My hubby runs the gospel rescue mission in town. Call me anytime 303 579 2765


  8. Love what you do. Dont stop. Follow each other on Instagram as well. Davebell2017 from Surabaya. I want to do what you do when i retire.


  9. Hi guys. LOVE your blog, YouTube videos, etc. You’re so inspiring (& courageous!)
    I know you don’t have a mortgage, but I imagine moving around like you do could be super expensive. Any idea how much you pay in fuel costs for an average month? Now that your daughter is older, are there any concerns for your own privacy as a couple? What kind/brand of composting toilet are you using, and how is it working after all this time? I apologize for all the question, but I’m fascinated by what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi there! Yeah not having a mortgage is nice, we spent quite a bit on fuel over the summer because we moved every 3-5 days so we covered a lot of ground. We never calculated the amount we spent but it was quite a few thousand! Now that we’re back in Illinois and are stationary we don’t move the bus much, just drive our cars.
      We haven’t had to worry about the whole privacy thing just yet.
      And we have a DIY composting toilet: Home Depot bucket+garbage bag+urine diverter. Just usual cleaning maintenance but it works great!


  10. U have the most gorgeous bus conversion that I have seen to date. Great job to the both of u! Just discovered your blog. I have a few questions, what do u and others do for health insurance, bus insurance and if that is drywall on the walls, how do u keep it from cracking over time while traveling? Is there a video of your total conversion process? Thanks and be blessed.

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  11. Thank you for sharing your story. I came across your stor/interview on YouTube. I hope to be able to travel some day. Your bus/home is beautiful!


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