Sometimes it’s the little things

People often wonder about our sleeping situation because the back of our bus is one of the least photographed areas for the sole reason that it is just difficult to get a full picture of it. When we designed the layout for our bus we decided that since we raised the roof 20” it would be the best use of space to loft our bed. Instead of working from the ground up with how much space we wanted underneath, we worked our way down from the ceiling based on how much room we would need to sit up in bed.  I remember measuring each other to see how much (or little) headroom we could get by with. This left us with a bed that is almost 5 feet off the ground (the base of the loft is about 4 feet plus our mattress).  The foot of the bed is along the staircase and also a 60 gallon fresh water tank.  It then runs along the back of the bus into the corner and the head of our bed is along the other wall.IMG_1435

Then on the last side we have a closet cabinet that extends two feet at the head.That leaves about 80% of ONE side of the mattress accessible for making the bed. Oh wait, just kidding, it’s 5 feet off the ground so you definitely can’t do that. So that means there is no way to put sheets on and make the bed besides sitting on the bed… while you’re trying to make it. Let me tell you… if you thought putting a fitted sheet on YOUR bed was a work out… come make ours. Funny but true moment: Sometimes I literally have to jump and get air so that I can move the comforter to where I need it to be 😂  it’s a sight to see!

Well it only took us two years before we gave in and decided it was time to make our lives, and bed, easier. ZIPPER BEDS! AH! We first heard of zipper bedding when we did a post about our bed and we had multiple followers suggest it to us. We didn’t consider it right away but then we started to think about it every time we made the bed. Could it really be that much easier? It is worth it? Does having an unmade/sloppy bed really bother us that much? The answer to all these questions was a resounding YES! We are not the type of people that like to have an unmade bed to stare at all day. When you live in such a small space little things like a made vs unmade bed make all the difference. It puts our souls at ease to look down the length of the bus and see our bed made as opposed to seeing a heap of blankets and sheets. It just makes it feel cleaner!


So to have bedding that all we have to do is ZIP ZIP and our bed is made… yes it’s definitely worth it. Not to mention it fits our mattress much better without having all the extra comforter bunched and piled at the edges. We even used the trick where you use a comforter that is one size smaller that way we didn’t have as much on the sides to tuck away. Even still, we had extra at the foot and too much on the sides. But our Beddy’s!! All the heart eyes because it fits. like. a. glove!!!8F04DC73-B327-414A-8723-306F5CF8A305

I know we aren’t alone in having a difficult to make bed. I would say that the majority of those who live tiny or have an RV have a bed that is in a tucked away spot or has something on all sides. Well let me tell you, zipper bedding makes it so much easier! Even if you don’t live tiny a Beddy’s would still be a blessing! Maybe making your bed is one of your least favorite chores, or you have too many beds to make so you just don’t, or you often don’t have time before work to make it (and lets be honest, why make it when you get home if you’re just going to sleep in it in a few hours ;P). Beddy’s helps solve all those problems! I’m not joking when I say it takes 15 seconds to make our bed now! If we could stand on each side (like a regular bed) it would probably only take 10. The most difficult part about a Beddy’s is choosing which pattern to get because they have so many awesome ones! But here is a 15% off coupon! Here’s to making life easier a little bit at a time 🤗


6 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s the little things

  1. Are you working on doing bus conversions yet? I’ve looked at 100s now on YouTube for a few weeks now. Yours is the most beautiful one I’ve seen yet. Not sure why you’re working odd jobs but you could make a fortune flipping buses and conversions. I am really wanting to convert a small bus or van. I’ve no idea where to even start. So far just looking at YouTube videos and looking at a lot of dealerships and trying to do the basic leg work.

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  2. I think you should offer your services as a ‘CONVERSION EXPERT’ AND do this for a living and that would be your full time work! It’s an incredible conversion! Way better than most that I’ve seen! Amazing!


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