About us

We are the Davis’: Luke (29), Rachel (27), Charlotte (3.5), Abraham (cute chunk of a baby) and our dog Baxter.

Aside from
wanting to live in a school bus we are your (seemingly) average family.
We are high school sweethearts who
got married right after graduating. We were both born and raised in Illinois but after doing the whole 9-5 lifestyle for a few years we decided we wanted to see what else was out there.  We have lived in our bus for two years now! We have lived both stationary and on the road. Our home has taken us to 35 states and we have been able to experience so much (and yet so little) of what this beautiful country has to offer.

However, 2018 has brought a lot of new change for us. We decided to settle down and make Asheville, NC our home as well as start a new business! We are now converting buses full time (and still living in one)! Check out SKOOLIE.com for more on that though 😜


Our family loves Jesus and our faith in firmly planted in Him. We would love for you to follow us on our journey, but you don’t just have to be spectator. Please feel free to contact us about anything whether you have advice, questions, places of interest or just general comments.

We are the Midwest Wanderers.

24 thoughts on “About us

  1. Welcome to the fun club, Davis family! Community is everything and as fellow full-timers, we want to extend our warmest welcome and safe travel wishes. I (Vanessa) am an Evanston, Illinois native, but prior to my South Florida move nearly 4 years back, I was a resident of Naperville. Oswego is familiar territory. What a blessing to find other Chicagoland folks paring down and hitting the road to live a more minimal and authentic life. We look forward to watching the bus conversion take shape and hope to see you on the road soon. Happy trails!

    Vanessa and Marisa

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  2. This is such an amazing idea and I have such deep respect for you guys following what Christ has called you to do! Can’t wait to see where this adventure takes you!


  3. Hi.

    Bob Shearer (Handy Bob) mentioned you guys to me, welcome to the bus club! I don’t know if you’ve visited http://www.skoolie.net yet, but there is a lot of helpful info there for converting buses. Since you are following Bob I’m guessing that you have some interest in Solar energy for your bus, I’m working on my install now. As far as I can see there aren’t any clear instructions on how to do this for a new build bus conversion, so I’ve been figuring it out as I go with lots of help from Bob. If I can help you please drop me a note. Have fun and enjoy the ride!


    1. Hi Tom, yeah we’re attempting to design our system at the moment. Hoping to get started on it soon. We will definitely contact you if (or more likely when) we have questions! We appreciate you reaching out to us!


    2. Hi Tom!
      sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for reaching out. Handy Bob’s blog has been quite helpful so far and yes we plan on being solar dependent.
      we have an account on skoolie but haven’t really utilized it much yet. How is your build going? Do you have a skoolie account?


  4. Caught up on every thing so amazing to see this, whats the plan for making money on the road? Savings or just odd jobs? Cant wait till u start, very excited i would love to do this and have long thought of it


    1. Thanks! Mostly odd jobs, hoping to find some welding jobs too.
      Yes we’re very excited that we’re actually putting our dreams into action! Hopefully you can make it happen for yourself one day!


  5. Would you be interested in converting a school bus for pay? You both did such a wonderful thing. Congratulations


  6. hello fabulous build! can you say where you got the roof raised please and how much that costs?
    Joanne..Dryden, NY


  7. you guys are so awesome, just learned about you on a youtube video, I would like to work with you guys and design new RV for same sprit of people, love the style, color and design, looking forward to do some project with you guys!!


  8. Loved your interview with a New Zealand guy, then I Google your names and bingo, found you now in Ashville, NC with a new baby how great! We’re thinking about going off grid as we enter towards retirement. Yup, I said it…. Anyway if you have a newsletter please email it thanks Miranda


  9. I’ve been looking for you for a year I found the found you I’m so happy. I want to hire you to do a conversion for me. I think it will be very interesting for all of us. I have a 51′ moving Van To convert. I’ve been trying to find a way to contact You. My thought is to have you come to my farm and live right here and do my conversion. Please contact me one way or the other so that I will know what direction to take. Really looking forward to hearing from you


  10. Hi, I’m Chris in New Zealand. What a stunning bus you live in. Good on you for following your dream. My hearts desire is to live on the road preaching the Gospel wherever God leads me. At the moment I only have a small old Ford Transit van but God & I will make it work and God will provide all I need… he provided the van… I’ve yet to convert it, can’t begin until the new year. It’s currently away in loan to some folk who needed to transport their furniture to the bottom of our south island… I live in the top 1/4 of our North Island. Anyway, love your bus, love your heart for adventure… gorgeous life your showing your children. God bless you mightily.


  11. Very, very cool. I just watched the video on YouTube (where you are interviewed by an Aussie). Love what you have done. By any chance do you build these for others? If so, I would love to talk.


  12. We just found our bus to convert. I have been watching tons of youtube skoolie videos. Yours is my favorite. I hope you can answer questions in the future. Thanks!


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