No turning back

Today is a memorable day! We have officially left our home of six years in the rear view mirror. It’s sold, gone, and the homeowner chapter of our lives is closed. Now our lives exist only in the bus and on the road full time. No address, no jobs (that’s actually a good thing) so […]

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Tech Talk

  *Disclaimer; this is some meat and potatoes right here. If you’re just looking for a snack, come back when you have an appetite.*   This one goes out to fellow bus builders, van dwellers, want-to-be-builders and the otherwise curious. I wanted to share the technical side of things since it’s something that seems to […]

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Lets catch up

Last we had posted, we were leaving Colorado after nearly five months of full time bus life there. I had just quit my job!!! Let me say that again I quit my job!!! Sorry couldn’t help myself.   After leaving Colorado we headed home to Oswego, Illinois, where we continued to live in the bus after […]

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Colorado Closing

Hello all! It has been quite some time since our last blog post and for that we truly apologize! After four months our time here in Colorado is coming to an end… Aside from a couple breakdowns, stalls, and getting kicked out of a few places Colorado has been good to us. We have two […]

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Missouri By Moonlight

Hey friends, it’s been a while since our last post so I’ll do my best to get you caught up. Back in November Rachel and I headed south for a little treasure hunt. Where? Colaw RV salvage. The countries largest RV salvage yard, located in Carthage Missouri. I had heard of this place from one […]

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The big questions

When do you plan to leave?! Do you have a route planned? Basically the first two things we hear whenever we tell people we’re converting a bus. Which, I don’t blame them for asking because I would probably want to know the same thing. So here are the answers! My answer to the first question […]

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Phoenix to Chicago

Phoenix to Chicago (LUKE) Ok so I was mapping out this really great blog post about all of the technical aspects of the bus build and I was going to get everyone up to speed on our progress. I start typing… Duh I almost skipped the best part of our bus endeavor this far, getting […]

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I swear we’re not crazy!

Disclaimer: Neither of us are tech savvy and we have never written a blog. Ok, here we go! Life was clipping along at its normal pace and there was nothing stirring any extreme change in our lives until one day someone introduced us to the idea of a skoolie. At first it seemed like such […]

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